Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide free estimates?2016-06-04T08:10:32-04:00

Yes, we are happy to come out and provide you a detailed free estimate for your swimming pool removal cost and any other services you need to recapture your back yard.

Will you acquire a permit to remove our pool?2016-05-31T11:12:38-04:00

Yes, if a permit is required for the removal we pull a permit and abide by the jurisdictional requirements. We will NOT do a job without proper permitting, so please don’t ask.

Do you have references?2016-05-31T12:00:30-04:00

Yes!  We have happy customers all over metro Detroit; ask us for a list.  Please call us at 248-932-2636 or send us an email with the subject – Reference Request

Are there ever any additional charges to the quoted work?2016-05-31T11:12:16-04:00

We are very proud of the fact we have NEVER asked a customer for any additional money. We complete projects as they were quoted for the price quoted; this sets us apart from our competition.

When you are complete, what am I left with?2016-05-31T11:16:05-04:00

Our standard finish is topsoil, seed, and straw, you will be required to water and over seed.   We will provide instructions, “Tips on Caring for Newly Planted Grass,” on how to maintain your new yard.

How long does a pool removal take?2016-05-31T11:12:11-04:00

A removal can take from 3 days to 2 weeks depending on factors such as; weather, size of project, timing of inspections.

Will you drain my pool or do I need to do it?2016-05-31T11:12:02-04:00

We will drain the pool before the removal begins.

Do you own or rent your equipment?2016-05-31T11:11:49-04:00

We own 100% of our equipment. However, we may rent if our equipment won’t fit in the area we are working.

Can I keep part of my patio?2016-05-31T11:11:32-04:00

Usually keeping a patio is not a problem, if it is we will discuss and note on the estimate.

Can I get just a section of concrete removed, or does it need to be an entire area?2016-06-03T16:17:09-04:00

We can usually get rid of a specific area and leave the rest in place under certain conditions.  Call us and we’ll talk about your situation.

Do you do other types of demolition other than pool?2016-06-03T16:17:44-04:00

We have experience with commercial and residential structures, however we currently our main focus is pools and small residential structures.  give us a call to discuss your project, we may be able to help.

Can you install sod?2016-06-03T16:18:03-04:00

No.  We usually recommend you contract that yourself, because it will save you money.

Can you replace the fence when you’re done?2016-05-31T11:10:48-04:00

Usually re installing the fence is possible. If the condition of the fence is in poor condition, re installation may not be possible.

What happens to the concrete?2016-05-31T11:10:42-04:00

We recycle all material possible taken from your pool, which includes crushing all concrete and is reused as a base for roadways in the area.

What about damage to sprinkler heads?2016-05-31T11:10:35-04:00

If you mark locations of your sprinkler heads we do our best to avoid them, but if it is in our path of travel sometimes they do get damaged.

I have some trees and bushes in the area where I think you will need to bring in your equipment, will you remove those?2016-06-03T16:18:45-04:00

When completing the estimate, we will note and photograph items blocking access to our equipment.  We do have the ability to remove brush, trees and most anything else in the way.

My grass hasn’t grown in very thick, will you come and do something to fix it?2016-12-26T12:55:26-05:00

When we finish the removal of your pool we will add top soil, rake the area, and add seed and straw.

Here is a copy of our, “Tips on Caring for Newly Planted Grass” that we gave you at project completion.  This document includes tips for growing newly seeded lawns which will help you achieve a nice yard.

Please remember we are not landscapers and you may want to consult with your landscape professional for additional tips or help with your yard.  Sometimes due to a heavy rain seed can wash away, or if it’s not watered sufficiently the seed can fail to germinate.  Over-seeding the area is important until the lawn is established.  Some of our customers choose to hire a landscaper to install sod because they don’t want to go through the time and effort of a seeded lawn.

Is there anything we have to do prior to the tree service coming?2016-05-31T11:32:05-04:00

Other than clearing the area for our equipment and men to work, generally no.    If some special circumstances are involved we will communicate with you prior to the job starting.

Do we need to call Miss Dig to mark the utilities in our yard?2016-05-31T11:31:50-04:00

If the homeowner believes the tree stump could possibly be near an underground utility, such as gas, electric, cable lines, they should let us know and contact Miss Dig to have the utilities marked three days prior to our scheduled arrival.