My grass hasn’t grown in very thick, will you come and do something to fix it?

When we finish the removal of your pool we will add top soil, rake the area, and add seed and straw.

Here is a copy of our, “Tips on Caring for Newly Planted Grass” that we gave you at project completion.  This document includes tips for growing newly seeded lawns which will help you achieve a nice yard.

Please remember we are not landscapers and you may want to consult with your landscape professional for additional tips or help with your yard.  Sometimes due to a heavy rain seed can wash away, or if it’s not watered sufficiently the seed can fail to germinate.  Over-seeding the area is important until the lawn is established.  Some of our customers choose to hire a landscaper to install sod because they don’t want to go through the time and effort of a seeded lawn.